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Watermelon Breeze Tonique

Watermelon Breeze Tonique

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One of Joy's favorite seasonal products!

Refreshing and provides great benefits for the skin!


Directions: Spray Directly onto face or use with a cotton round after cleansing,exfoliation or masking! TIP: Great to set makeup or take with you to the beach on a hot day!

Ingredients: Aloe Juice, Witch Hazel, Organic Watermelon Juice,Watermelon Seed Extract,Cucumber seed water, Linatural Preservative


🍉Watermelon hydrates and locks moisture deep into skin. It also helps regulate sebum production thereby reducing oiliness.

🍉Vitamin A– Heals dry withered skin. Essential for healthy new cell division.

🍉Vitamin B6- Necessary for new skin cell formation. Keeps skin moisturized and healthy.

🍉Vitamin C– Boosts collagen production. Protects skin from free radical activity and premature aging.

🍉Calcium– Makes up the top most layer of skin. Boosts collagen production. Promotes skin elasticity. Fights free radical activity.

🍉Potassium– Hydrating and moisturizing. Treats dry itchy skin.

🍉Magnesium– For youthful radiant skin. Slows down the aging process of skin.

🍉Lycopene– Natural color pigment which gives red water melons their beautiful color. Is a natural sunscreen and shields skin from harmful sun’s rays. Powerful antioxidant which fights off free radicals that cause premature aging.

👉Although there are natural preservatives, this product is best in the fridge and feels amazing cold😍

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