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Strawberry Retexturizing Night Serum

Strawberry Retexturizing Night Serum

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This antioxidant rich serum will plump the skin while softening fine lines and wrinkles, refining pore size and smoothing the skins texture to improve skin tone. Prevents against moisture loss and leaves the skin feeling smooth and flawless. Antioxidants in strawberries protect from oxidative stress and delay the signs of aging. The Vitamin C fights free radicals that cause damage to the cells and helps encourage collagen production.


Ingredients:  Grapeseed Oil, Strawberry Extract, Jojoba Oil, Vegetable Glycerin, Salicylic Acid, Sweet Orange Essential Oil, Lemon Essential Oil, Zinc, Sunflower Lecithin, Aloe Pulp

Directions: Massage one drop into the skin day or night after cleansing.

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